last update: 6/12/2016


There are individuals or groups environmentally sensitized who show their interest and love on the natural environment through voluntarism activities. Their help and support on dealing with important problems encountered in Epanomi and Aggelochori lagoons and the wider coastal area towards at sustainable conservation is essential. Key dangers threatening the sites of interest are related to unauthorized garbage disposal, plant destruction (by cutting or tramping on them), harassing of animals especially bird species and uncontrolled tourism activities.

Major priority of the awareness activities will be given on the promotion of information and co-operation with the existing voluntarism groups in the area. Nevertheless, the involvement and participation of new individual or group volunteers (following the necessary training) in activities such as guarding and informative actions, it is absolutely necessary for the sustainable management and protection of these important and vulnerable ecosystems.

Nowadays, in the area of interest voluntarism action is shown by the “Voluntary Civil Protection-Disaster response Group of the Municipality of Epanomi”.
You can find some further useful contact information about volunteering groups/associations/unions activated in Thessaloniki area here.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Organization for the Master Plan and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki (OR.THE.)

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