last update: 6/12/2016



Considering the modern framework of Environmental awareness and management, both actions of this intervention aim at providing integrated information of the public as well as at the enhancement of the possibility of their participation in decision making on the basis of a sustainable management of a protected area. 

Action D.1., beneficiary responsible for implementation of which is the Organization for the Master Plan and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki (OR.THE.), pertains to the promotion/dissemination of project’s interventions and results, as well as to the certain or wider information of several target groups and the enhancement of environmental awareness and voluntarism actions. In this framework and taking into account the project’s needs during its entire implementation, the discernible “public” identity for the program’s actions will be created, printed and audio-visual information material will be produced and a series of events-conferences will be organized. 

Action D.2., beneficiary responsible for implementation of which is the “Balkan Environment Center”, pertains to the information of bodies that are involved in project’s implementation and of groups relative to politics design and environmental management matters. Particularly, an e-participation tool will be designed and developed in order to achieve the best possible participation of the bodies involved in the decision making process. 

ACTION D.1: Publicity, Information material and dissemination actions

ACTION D.2: Establishment of stakeholders’ e-Participation tool

Project Partners