last update: 6/12/2016


The general aim of Life project “Actions for the conservation of coastal habitats and significant avifauna species in NATURA 2000 network sites of Epanomi and Aggelochori Lagoons, Greece” is the restoration and protection of Epanomi and Aggelochori lagoons which are situated at the wider east area of Thessaloniki city, in Greece. The protection activities focus on coastal priority habitats and significant avifauna species of both sites. . 

In particular, the project is implemented in the frame of  LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2009 with 75% of financing coming from Life Fund sources and the remaining 25% coming from national funds. The total budget is € 1.639.770.

The project’s partners are:

The project has duration of 36 months (01.10.2010-30.09.2013) and is divided in four main intervention categories which include 19 actions in total:

A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans
B. Concrete conservation actions
C. Public awareness and dissemination of results
D. Overall project operation and monitoring

Objectives of Life project ACCOLAGOONS

Project Partners