last update: 6/12/2016


The European Ecological Network NATURA 2000, called as NATURA 2000 Network, was established in order a network of protected areas in Europe to be created. These areas are characterized by specific types of natural habitats and flora and fauna species which are important-of priority in European level.
Their characterization as “protected” areas is based on the European Directives 92/43/ΕEC «on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora» and 79/409/EEC «on the conservation of wild birds», focused on valuable and threatened habitats and flora/fauna species according to these Directives.

The NATURA 2000 Network aims at their desirable conservation status, though it does not mean that any kind of development into NATURA sites is prohibited, under a basic condition: the activities and projects implemented in these sites do not affect or alter their ecological features.

The NATURA 2000 network includes two categories of areas:


Both SPA and SCI lists are overlapping between the areas of the types of sites that are included. See the united list of SPA and SCI sites in Greece


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Sources of information: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change 
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