last update: 6/12/2016


The participation of the most possible social groups and stakeholders is absolutely necessary for the enhancement of the desirable conservation status of the protected area. These target groups include mainly the people who habitat in or near the protected area and the users (or potential users), which are people who are active into this area.

For the best possible participation, a valid, on-time, up to date and integrated provision of information is needed. The main aim of the information campaign should include the awareness and motivation of the people involved so that they could obtain a more responsible environmental attitude on protected areas of Aggelochori-Epanomi lagoons and their wider coastal-marine zone (NATURA 2000 sites).

Objectives & target groups

For the achievement of the objectives of information and awareness interventions, a series of material (printed and audio-visual) and non material means will be used.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Organization for the Master Plan and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki (OR.THE.)

Project Partners