last update: 6/12/2016


Epanomi lagoon and its wider coastal-marine zone is one of the sites of interest of “Accolagoons” project. The site (total area of 830,38 ha) is located at the east coast of Thermaikos Gulf, in Greece, at the Mytikas cape, 5km south-west from Epanomi town. The combination of sand dunes and canals, the abundance of birds and the wide view to the open sea create a landscape of aesthetic value.

This landscape consists of a sand-covered shore with a small lagoon, which despite its size is characterised by a variety and high quality of halophytic and sand-dune vegetation. Reed bed formations occupy artificial ditches and canals. The variety of habitats appearing in the area offers an important breeding, feeding and wintering place for a large number of bird species, many of which are priority species, as well as for other animal species.

Due to its high ecological importance the area is protected by Greek, European and International low. It has also an important socio-economic value while many habitation and tourism activities are developed in this area. These activities though usually put natural environment into intense pressure degrading wetland ecosystems.

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